"Jemma has the gift of a true teacher, guiding with grace, dedication and love. Its clear thats shes living her purpose and her energy is infectious."
Trudy Johnston (TJC,Marketing Director, Australia)

"Jemma is an exceptional yoga teacher who trully embraces and reflects the body, mind and spirit connection of yoga and life. Just being in her presence is calming for me. She offers great inspiration and widsom in her classes rather than just focusing on the body and the postures. The classes are strong, yet incredibly calming."
Inga Hawkins (Corporate Manager, Australia)

"Jemma is an extraordinary person and gifted teacher. Her calming voice, attention to detail in her explantions and her spiritual input, make her classes unique and very special."
Brad Hayden (Entrepreneur, Australia)

"Qigong and yoga with Jemma envelops me in a feeling of tranquillity, exhilaration, optimism and a presence of another dimension. The inspiration comes from Jemma."
Maria Jacobsen (Designings, Interior Designer, Australia)

"I love attending Jemmas class on Qi gong. I always feel a better person when I come home. She is most inspirational and a very genuine person, who I believe is probably amongst the best as a teacher in her field!!! I try and do some of the exercises during the week. I know it must be the healing medicine of the 21st centuary!!!"
Kate Dowling (Real Estate Director, Australia)

"Even though I know daily practice is best, I attend Jing Life qigong class each Sunday morning. I feel the practice sustains me in my corporate life, and my attitude, health, peacefulness and well-being has flourished. Its a true self-healing modality and Jemma has taught me how to look after myself with qigong."
Colleen McMahon (Marketing Director, Australia)

"Jemma is always an inspiration to healthy living and the benefits! I love Jemmas yoga classes because of her commitment and sincerity to the students in the class. Each class is different and appropriate to the needs of each student and time of day. The classes are not only beneficial for ones health, they relax and rejeuvenate the mind and body. They are amazing!! I highly recommend them and are the best yoga classes that I have ever done. Each and every class is a joy!"
Pia Larsen (Marketing Consultant, Australia)

"Jemma is a true profesional, with her acumen, awareness & endless passion, her classes are a rewarding experience! The classes have provided Self belief,focus,concentration & simply that less sometimes is more!"
John Spender (Australia)

"Jemma assists me with reconnection to my soul. With our busy lives it is important to be present in the Now and Jemma brings me to that place. She is a beautiful, giving and warm spiritual being."
Penny Wood (Brand Management, Australia)

"Knowing Jemma has improved my life the classes, workshops and retreats are the icing on the already wonderful and delicious cake!"
Suzanne Mallos (Producer, Australia)

"In a fast lane lifestyle I need to pause, take stock and relax, and reenergize and thats what I get from Jemmas classes."
Lola Lemos (Business Owner, Australia)

"Qigong has given me a heightened sense of self worth & reinforced the value of taking time to be at one with nature."
Christina Imlah (Australia)

"After my first practice with Jemma I thanked her for the journey, every week I looked forward to where the practice would take me."
Steven Salgo (Corporate Manager, Australia)

"Jemma is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever experienced. Her voice and overall presence are very peaceful and her classes leave me in a much more relaxed state."
Joanna Goodman (Australia)

"A yoga class with Jemma helps me to quieten my mind after a busy working day, and teaches me to look within myself. Jemmas gentle touches and subtle corrections help my body to open up and release stress."
Natasha Grishenko (Australia)

"I did a one day workshop loved it, yoga, dance, meditation, drumming a fantastic mix and I felt so rejuvenated and at peace afterwards for some time."
Sue Dickinson (Australia)

"Jemmas classes have increased my energy levels and relieved stress. I always look forward to these classes as Jemma is kind and sensitive toward all the participants in her classes and I know I will feel better at the end of each session."
Annette Smith (Receptionist, Australia)

"I thoroughly enjoy your tips and advice on living a life of love and thoughtfulness and also ways to make the body work the way we want. Your beautiful energy is contageous. I always come away from your classes feeling light and happy! I love the way you show clients where a pose can go to after you have been practicing for a while. I like to advance in the poses."
Jeannine Brown (Dedicated mother, Australia)

"Jemma stimulates my yoga practise by providing variety and enthusiasm in her classes."
Gunnar Backdahl (Project Manager, Australia)

"Jemmas yoga classes are not only physically beneficial They are spiritually uplifting because of her serenity and the calm environment which she provides. I always feel peaceful and rested after her classes and my sleep is of a different quality."
Judy Lumby (Australia)

"After attending Gemmas classes I feel totally rejuvenated and at peace no matter how chaotic my life is at the time."
Glenda Audsley (Australia)

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