DVD Empowering Qigong and Cleansing Meditation


Jing Chi - "Empowering Qigong & Organ Cleansing Meditation"

Jing Chi - Qigong
Empowering Qigong & Cleansing Meditation

In this extraordinary DVD, Internationally renowned Qigong instructor, Jemma Rivera introduces you to the ancient art form of Qigong, filmed on the pristine island resort of Huvafen Fushi in The Maldives.

Presented to you as Jemma only can, experience the exquisite beauty of the crystal clear ocean as it soothes you, and explore with Jemma as she recharges and empowers your Body and your Soul with the gentle art form of Qigong.

Considered by many respected authorities as a preventative medicine, this sequence will provide you with a practical and easy-to-learn exercise you can begin using immediately, to help restore your physical well-being and restore your energy levels naturally.

Continuing with Jemma's guidance, this Qigong sequence is followed by the Cleansing Meditation, which has been designed to help boost your health and vitality by balancing your emotional energy, as well as detoxify your body and strengthen your major organs.

Regular practice of these DVDs is recommended as a healthy and empowering way to take time out from the stresses of everyday life.

Jemma credits some of her inspiration to working with her great teachers, including Grandmaster Jack Lim, Master Simon Blow, Master Yuan and Dr. Xu.

Jemma Rivera

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